About chimo

We believe in :
the worth and dignity of every person and family. Respect, balance, the right to make choices about one's future, confidentiality, the right to privacy, and the provision of sound treatment services.

We help with :
behaviour problems, anger problems, inability to get along, self management skills, social skills, school problems, responsibility, problem solving, separation and loss, sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

The Programs and Services Offered are :
Assessment, TAPP-C (Arson Prevention program), Parent Guidance Clinic, Crisis Response program, Fathering Skills Group, Parenting Teens Group, Witness to Abuse Group, Brief Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Counseling for Survivors of sexual and physical abuse, In Home Parenting skills training, Social skills training, Child Management, Self Care skills, Trauma Resolution, Services for parents, teens and children provided through In Office Counseling, In Home Counseling, Residential Treatment, Day Treatment in Durham Region, The Incredible Years Program, Right From the Start & SNAP. (STOP, Now and Plan) groups for children under 12.

Multidisciplinary Team Process :
A multidisciplinary process is used formally for the Residential programs at intake and every three months thereafter; for the Day Treatment programs at intake and once per semester thereafter; and in all of the other programs when the team reviews plans and makes recommendations. The team consists of Direct Care Workers, Clinical Staff, Consulting Psychiatrist, Consulting Psychologist, Direct Care Supervisors, Clinical Director and Executive Director.

Role of Partner Agencies :
Collaboration with collateral agencies such as school, Children's Aid Society, Probation Services, Family Physicians, Individual Therapists and other previously involved agencies is done by permission of the family / youth.

Follow up services :
Follow up services are collaborated with each individual family / youth / child dependant on their special strengths and needs.

How to Obtain Services :
Contact Central Intake at 1888- 454-6275

If you wish to be a member of a Parent Advisory Committee please contact the Executive Director

RIGHTS: You have the right to :

  1. be informed of your rights and responsibilities while participating in services

  2. receive adequate information to provide informed consent to participate in services

  3. be made aware of treatment options and to have your preferences considered when treatment is being planned

  4. be made aware of any risks to well being or safety or likely benefits from treatment at the time of making a decision or treatment plan

  5. be made aware of our policy about confidentiality and the limitations of that policy

  6. be informed of our policies about records

  7. be active full participants in the assessment and treatment process

  8. be informed of our complaint procedure

  9. expect a response to any complaint to be handled in a prompt and effective manner

RESPONSIBILITIES: You have a responsibility to :

  1. form an alliance with us to promote change or growth in your family or with your child

  2. provide us with permission to access information we need to treat your child or family. We may otherwise be in a position to terminate treatment based on our inability to respond to you

  3. be forthcoming with custody and access orders that we have a legal responsibility to follow with you - please inform us of your responsibilities here.

  4. provide us with any information that may help your treatment

  5. behave in a manner which is respectful of property

  6. respect the rules at any Chimo Youth and Family Services facility

  7. not use drugs or alcohol when participating in service with our staff either on or off Chimo property

  8. attend scheduled appointments and meetings or notify us within 24 hours if unable to do so. We really appreciate this


  1. act in a professional manner at all times

  2. respect the uniqueness of your family's culture, feelings and experiences

  3. keep you informed and respond to your requests for information about all aspects of our services

  4. involve you in all aspects of treatment planning

  5. before Chimo gets to the point of termination we will attempt to change the situation with you

  6. provide contacts with other service providers.


  1. speak directly to your worker
    - if you are not satisfied

  2. ask to speak to the supervisor of your worker
    - we may ask for a meeting with you. You may be asked to put your complaint in writing
    - we will respond to you in writing within two weeks

  3. if you still are not satisfied, you may speak to (or phone) the Executive Director
    - A meeting may be needed and your complaint will be answered in writing within two weeks

  4. if you are still not satisfied, or you have a complaint about the Executive Director, you may write the President of the Board of Directors at the Chimo office. The Board of Directors will respond to you in writing within two months

  5. if you are still not satisfied then contact the Advocacy Office of The Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Their number is 1-800-263-2841. They will assist you at any time if you have concerns about our service

CHIMO Youth and Family Services is affliated with :

   Children's Mental Health Ontario / Santé Mentale pour Enfants Ontario

CHIMO Youth and Family Services
2 Kent Street West, Unit #3
Lindsay, ON
K9V 2Y1

Central Intake: 1-888-454-6275